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Chiller : EKA Air Cond technicians are expert in Chiller Maintenance and Service. We offer Chiller Maintenance Service in Selangor, Subang Jayam and entire Klang Valley.

A chiller system is an air conditioning system which cools indoor air and creates a more productive and comfortable environment. Presently, chillers are increasingly been used in manufacturing plants to provide a cooling process to the equipment in order to maximize the productivity. Larger facilities like hospitals, commercial buildings, theme parks, government facilities and universities have to deal with extremely high energy costs, but the chiller system can be used to lower this considerably.

The water cooled chiller system produces higher tonnage in low costs per ton in the effort of creating a greater efficiency in energy usage. These chillers work by circulating the chilled water into the air handlers as a way of transferring heat from the air to water. The water is then returned to the chiller’s evaporating side where heat is then passed from water to the refrigerant liquid. This refrigerant leaves the system’s evaporator in form of cold vapor, which enters the compressor for compression to hot vapor. After it has left the compressor, this vapor then enters the condensation side where it’s then circulated into the system for the last step in heat removal.

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