Fan coil-unit

Fan coil-unit

EKA Aircond M&E Services is specialised in maintaining and servicing fan coil unit (FCU) . We have specialized in installation of FCU as well as maintenance works.

FCU is a simple device consisting of a heating and/or cooling heat exchanger or 'coil' and fan. It is part of a HVAC system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. FCU can be less expensive to install than ducted systems, and are available in ceilings, floor-mounted and freestanding configurations.

It is a diverse device using ductwork and used to control the temperature in the space where it is installed, or serve multiple spaces. It is controlled either by a manual on/off switch or by a thermostat, which controls the throughput of water to the heat exchanger using a control valve and/or the fan speed.

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